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of last year,◆ the Ministry of ○Commerce said Su〓nday.The country's◆ National D〓ay Holiday thi●s year, eig〓ht days long, s■tarts on O●ct. 1.From■ Oct. 1 through◆ Oct. 3, Chi●na's 1,000 k●ey retailers r●eported a total◆ of 14 billion ○yuan in

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h h●ousehold elec●trical appli■ances, jewel○ry, autumn and win○ter clothing, a●nd cars leading ●the consumpt●ion.Suning Applianc■e, a leadin●g chain retailer● of home ap◆pliances, r〓eported a ◆91.7 percent in■crease in sales reve○nues on Oct.

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nd up 25.8 pe〓rcent for the first ○three days of the◆ Holiday.This was○ partly du◆e to a policy appro●ved by the State C〓ouncil, the Cabinet●, in June this yea●r, aiming to spur d○omestic consumption ■by subsidizing buy〓ers of cars and● househol

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in◆g to the minist○ry.For example, c●onsumers can● first sell their● old household appl●iances to 〓recycling 〓companies and● obtain a certifica◆tion card from the ●recyclers. Card hol●ders then can● purchase new app●liances with a● 10 percent

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○howing retailers ■the card.Meanwhile, ○sales of unpacked mo●on cakes of more fla○vors, such as cof○fee, chocolate,◆ and even icec◆ream are sel○ling well, and● at lower prices,○ when Chinese enjoy■ their Mid-Autumn ●Festival on Oct.○3, which overlappe●d with the holi

day,■ according to ○the ministry.BEIJI○NG, Sept. 21 (○Xinhua) -- The Inf●ormation O●ffice of the■ State Council, o〓r China's cabinet,● published a white p■aper on the de●velopment and prog○ress in Xinjiang Mon◆day

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